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ayurvedic massage in Bangalore

ayurvedic massage in Bangalore - ₹1,234 - Bangalore, Karnataka
best ayurvedic massage in bangalore

ayurvedic massage in Bangalore

Ayurvedic Body Massage in Banglore
Invigorating full body and localized Ayurvedic Massage Therapies are provided to take care of specific ailments and for total rejuvenation
Full body massage 1hour 15 minutes
A strengthening full body rub from head to toe.It gives both extreme unwinding and course by killing poisons.
Udvartana 45 minutes
This is a fortifying procedure in which home grown powders or its glue is scoured inverse way of hair in a musical design.
Abhayamgam 60 minutes
A traditional full body massage that improves blood circulation,helps in de-stressing and rejuvenation of the body tissues.
Shiro abhayamgam 45 minutes
A customary use of cured oils(depending on body types) over the head and shoulders in a deliberate way.
Shirodhara 60 minutes
A customary use of sedated oils(depending on body types)over the whole temple district in an orderly way.
Saavangadhara (Kayasekam/Pizhichil) 60 minutes
Warm medicated oils(depending on the body type)are poured over the entire body.This massage helps in removing dead skin cells,enhances complexion,activates diaphoreses,eliminates toxins,enhances blood circulation,balances the mind and body,rejuvenates tissues,strengthens muscles,induces sound sleep and improves stamina.The massage is followed by a steam therapy.
Dhanyamladhara 60 minutes
Takradhara 60 minutes
Nadisweda 30 minutes
Elakizhi 60 minutes
Podikizhi 60 minutes
Jambeerapinasweda 60 minutes
Shastikashalipindasweda 45minutes

Localized Massage Treatments(For Specific Parts of the Body)
Nadisweda 30 minutes
Elakizhi 30 minutes
Podikizhi 30 minutes
Jambeerapinasweda 30 minutes.
Address to Reach Us :
Earthen Wellness
New Number24,Old Number 40
Ulsoor Road,Off MG Road,
Behind Manipal Center,
Next to PC Chandra Jewellers

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Posted: 11.4.2019
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